Cardiff Castle steeped in History

The history of Cardiff Castle is one shrouded in much mystery, for it would appear that this fascinating building is not exactly what it seems. A curious mixture of Norman keep and Victorian gothic revival manor house, there are few buildings as eclectic as this in Wales, and it is certainly well worth a visit.

It is believed that the Romans built a fort on the site as long ago as AD55, and location of the keep high on a hill certainly lends itself to the strategic qualities that such a place would have required, and that the Norman keep itself was built around the year 1091.

Like many of its contemporary buildings Wales is, after all, a country of many castles it went through some turbulent days and not much of the original building is left, but it is perhaps the mansion built in the 1860's and largely a remodelling of the castle itself that arouses the most interest.

In those days the region was under the ownership of the very wealthy Marquess of Bute, and in commissioning a spectacular Gothic Revival manor with a quite splendid and incredibly ornate clock tower he built one of the most startling and memorable buildings of the era and region.