Cardiff Education Guide

Whether you are living in the city with children or coming to the Wales' capital city to study at university level, Cardiff education will be at the forefront of your mind. After all, the quality of education you or your children will receive can determine the whole of their future life.

As you would expect from a capital city with as much history and culture as Cardiff, there are multiple schools and universities offering a range of courses across a range of ages.

Cardiff education differs to that of the rest of the UK in certain ways. An example is that a significant number of people studying within Wakes are educated wholly or largely through the Welsh medium, with 22% of classes during 2008/2009 maintained primary schools using Welsh as the sole or main medium of instruction.

This Welsh medium education is accessible through all age groups, from nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, with lessons in the Welsh language being compulsory in Cardiff education up until age 16.

Since devolution, the education policy in the constituent countries in the UK has diverged, with England pursing reforms based on the diversity of parental choice and different types of schools. In opposition, Wales, and to some extent Scotland, are more committed to the concept of community-based comprehensive school.

Government systems and regulation also play their part in Cardiff education, with arrangements for planning, funding, quality-assuring and regulation of learning becoming increasing differentiated from the rest of the UK.