Searching for Cardiff Jobs

The capital city of the fabulous UK country of Wales, Cardiff is one of the main engines of growth within the Welsh economy, with the city increasingly developing as a significant service centre, as well as an economic driver for the south east of Wales.

In an excellent position geographically for the residents of the surrounding areas to reach, Cardiff jobs are relatively easy to come by and the city offers a host of career options for those living within or around the city centre.

The success of Cardiff's economy and the availability of Cardiff jobs is largely attributed to the 19 th century, when Cardiff benefited massively from coal exportation and steel production.

Due to this Cardiff's port became the world's most important coal port, handling a large proportion of business exceeding that of both Liverpool and London. Now, Cardiff's economy and Cardiff jobs rely heavily on industries including retail, finance, media and tourism sectors, with major regeneration taking place since the late 20 th century.

Cardiff jobs and the economy make up almost 20% of Welsh GDP and 40% of the city's workforce are actually surprisingly daily in-commuters from the surrounding areas across the South of Wales.

The total employment within Cardiff jobs rose from 149,000 in the early nineties right up to 176,700 during 2005, growing at a rate of around 2005 per annum since, almost double that of Great Britain at 1.3%. As well as this, an estimated 18,000 people within Cardiff are self-employed, which increases Cardiff jobs and the workforce to around 194,000.