Cardiff University - Home of Welsh learning

Located in the Welsh capital, and capital of the county of Glamorgan, Cardiff University is a seat of learning with an illustrious history, and one that offers a wide range of diverse and varied degree level courses and more.

Founded in the 1880's, Cardiff University is generally regarded as the best in Wales, and ranks well inside the top 150 universities in the world today. Following a debate to determine whether Wales's premier university should be built in Swansea or Cardiff the decision was taken in favour of the latter, and the rest as they say is history.

Having undergone rapid expansion from its humble and minor beginnings the university now stands comparison with some of the best in Britain, and many in other countries across the world. A wide choice of halls of residence and many areas of the city that are populated by students make Cardiff a popular university town, and one that is both pleasant to live in and attractive to know.

A merger in 2004 with the University of Wales College of Medicine brought about the change of name to simply Cardiff University having previously been known as both the University of Wales, Cardiff and previously University College, Cardiff, and the current range of courses available includes everything from architecture to maths through engineering to social sciences.

Like many fellow universities the Cardiff institution has a worthy reputation in the academic world as offering top quality education across the board.

With an impressive student union building and close proximity to the rail network it is no surprise that Cardiff University is popular with students, and the varied and thriving nightlife of the Welsh capital is also a draw, both to those from Wales and beyond, while the diversity in sporting prowess ranges from the obvious rugby to an American football team and very proficient hockey sides.